Cyril Seaton's Cycle Roots were the recently the headline act for the closing evening of the wonderful Not Lost Independent Arts Festival which took place at The Hideout Space in Nottingham on 16th July 2011.

  The Cycle Roots presented their piece 'A Young Persons Guide to Cyril Seaton'.

This was an especially splendid and special performance, designed to increase awareness of, and ignite a spark of desire in the young for, the totality of knowledge that is and that surrounds - Cyril Seaton - affectionately nicknamed ‘the saucy surrealist from naughty Nottingham’ by George Melly.

  The Roots, as we have become more casually known in common parlance, were awesomely assisted in presenting this full and complete historical guide to Cyril Seaton by the quite frankly amazing Angelina Warenska, pictured here at the height of her performance.

Should you wish to engage The Cycle Roots please get in touch with us.

Further photographic records from the Not Lost Art Festival


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    Cyril Seaton's Cycle Roots

    Seaton - 'His final years, spent ‘sleepwalking between trailer parks, bars and bookshop readings’ are even more shrouded in mystery than his time in Lille.'


    July 2011

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